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When you buy clarithromycin, it comes in packs of 12 X 250 mg tablets, or 21 X 500 mg tablets and is manufactured by Laboratorios Alter SA.

Clarithromycin directions

Clarithromycin is a semi-synthetic macrolide antibiotic.

Clarithromycin is indicated for the treatment of mild to moderate infections caused by susceptible strains of the designated microorganisms in conditions such as those listed below:

Pharyngitis/tonsillitis, acute maxillary sinusitis, acute bacterial exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and uncomplicated skin and skin structure infections.

Clarithromycin tablets may be taken with or without food.

For the majority of infections usually treated with clarithromycin, the normal adult dosage is 250 mg twice daily for 7-14 days. For acute maxillary sinusitis and H. influezae, though, the recommended dosage is 500 mg twice daily for 7-14 days.

The most frequent side effects of clarithromycin include diarrhea, nausea, abnormal taste, dyspepsia, abdominal pain/discomfort and headache. The majority of the side effects caused by the treatment of clarithromcyin are of a mild and transient nature.

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