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Lipitor (Cardyl)

Lipitor tablets. When you buy Lipitor online, each tablet contains 80 mg atorvastatin. Lipitor, brand name Cardyl, comes in packs of 28 tablets and is manufactured by Pfizer.

Lipitor directions

Lipitor, with the active ingredient atorvastatin calcium, is a synthetic lipid-lowering agent.

Lipitor is indicated as an adjunct to diet to reduce elevated total-C, LDL-C, apo B, and TG levels in individuals with primary hypercholesterolemia and mixed dyslipidemia.

Lipitor is indcated as adjunctive therapy to diet for the treatment of individuals with elevated serum triglyceride levels.

Lipitor is also indicated for the treatment of individuals with primary dysbetalipoproteinemia who do not respond adequately to diet, as well as to reduce total-C and LDL-C in patients with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia as an adjunct to other lipid-lowering treatments, or if such treatments are unavailable.

The recommended starting dose of Lipitor is 10 mg once daily. The dosage range is 10 to 80 mg once daily. Lipitor can be administered as a single dose at any time of the day, with or without food. Therapy should be individualized according to goal of therapy and response. After initiation and/or upon titration of Lipitor, lipid levels should be analyzed within 2 to 4 weeks and dosage adjusted accordingly.

Lipitor is generally well-tolerated. Adverse reactions have usually been mild and transient.

Common side effects of the use of Lipitor include infection, headache, flu syndrome, abdominal pain, allergic reaction, constipation, diarrhea, dyspepsia, sinusitis, rash and arthralgia.

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